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The Top 4 Benefits of Reflexology

Massage has been used since the beginning of time as a method to ease tension in muscles, connective tissues and joints. Pressure is applied to parts of the body that have tension from muscles is evident. This increases circulation, decreases inflammation and helps to reduce discomfort. Massage is a…

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Hot Stone Massages - How to Give Yourself A Treat

Stone massage is an ancient form of alternative bodywork and therapy that involves applying heated or cold stones on the body. It can be used for relaxation, pain relief as well as therapy. Massage with stones has been used for thousands of years in Eastern and Western medicine as a part of the regi…

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Hot Stone Massage Overview

The steaming stone massage is an ancient form of alternative healing massage therapy and bodywork incorporating the application of some heated or cold stones on the body to serve reasons of relaxation, healing and alleviation of pain. According to someexperts, the stones stimulate the flow of energy…

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